COVID-19 hit all of ecommerce hard.

It’s time for your business to start fighting back.

Get familiar with your Quick-Win Recovery Project. The action plan tailored for your company that will help you survive and thrive.

Your first step: fortify your resources, a stock of everything already existing on your and have great value, even if you don’t know about it.

Know what you can build on.

Then start building on it: you can get to your step-by-step action plan.

Solve challenges with a cheat-sheet, and recovery will already be a triumphal march by the time the markets truly wake up.

Restart your business on a budget

The process starts with an analysis of your entire site, be it for personal branding, a store with thousands of products, or a SaaS service site with hundreds of articles.

The Recovery Project focuses only on what you can monetize quickly and efficiently:

  • You will learn which content on your site is the most valuableactually gaining you valuable traffic without paying for ads.
  • You will know the pages and content that are holding back your site like ballast, preventing you from reaching customers in search engines.
  • You will have a detailed, step-by-step action plan. Not a template, not a guide. A plan, based on your data, detailing what you have to do in the coming months to not just recover, but actually dominate your market.

Let the data-based insight flow through you.

Precise steps based on your data, through proven practice

Your content analysis, however invaluable, is not enough to recover. You need more, so you will get more: the content analysis of your market. 

You need actual ideas, samples and examples to look at to shorten the process.

To make recovery faster, you also get an analysis 5 of your organic competitors, you you will know

  • What content works best for them, in your niche
  • What keywords can you target (that are easy to rank for and bring you actual leads)
  • How your customers are searching for answers, advice and products.

This will bring you is organic traffic: leads and customers without paid campaigns and ads. To preserve your budget and cashflow for the most important parts of your business.

By the time others just start to recover, you will have actual customers, workflows earning you money, keeping your business alive, your customers paid and your dream intact.

A custom-made blueprint for your company

Your Quick-Win Plan

Your plan will be created and delivered in 1 week, you can start implementing it the next day.

It will be prepared by 3 experts (SEO, content & inbound).

What you will get are several detailed documents, formatted for easy readability, including all the data you need, organized so you can access what you need anytime during implementation.

You will also get several keywords sheets that you can import into any software you use, or give to your copywriter for reference.

You will also get personal live advice from the experts who prepare your plan during a call where we explain the importance and implications of the data and give guidance on the steps you should follow.

Build back your profit with a specific, actionable plan.

Get your recovery plan!

The Recovery Project Plan includes:

✓ Content performace analysis
 Competitor content analysis
 Targetable keyword list
 Step-by-step action plan
 2-hour consultation

All of this is worth exactly $3100 - that is how much we would charge for this plan if not for the emergency. 

Instead, we made it work so you can order your own plan for a much lower price for a limited time:

$990 USD

With money-back guarantee all the way.

Note that we currently freed up capacity to do 6 Recovery Plans a month. (Forget FOMO, this is simply how much time we need to properly help the applying companies.) 

Provide your contact information, and we will be in touch with you 1 workday.

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